William Jennings Bryan Oleander, aka Tom Averill

Celebrating Kansas Day in Here, Kansas

Center-of-US Flickr_Ross-GriffHere, Kan., is in the heart of the United States. The fictionalized town of Here actually replaces real-life Kansas town Lebanon in this image. (Flickr Photo via Ross Griff)

How did YOU celebrate Kansas Day this year? Commentator William Jennings Bryan Oleander says the residents of Here, Kansas, gathered inside the local co-op to get warm...and catch up with one another.

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TOM AVERILLEnglish Professor Tom Averill is the Writer-in-Residence at Washburn University.The comments of William Jennings Bryan Oleander...otherwise known as Tom Averill, author and Writer-in-Residence at Washburn University in Topeka. 


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