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KSU Professor Researches Lost KS Communities

TerraCotta The-Chapman-Center-for-Rural-Studies Rebecca-HallTerra Cotta, Kan. (Photo by Rebecca Hall/The Chapman Center for Rural Studies)

Since the first settlers arrived in the area now known as Kansas, thousands of towns and communities have come and gone. The state's unusual and rapid settlement history led to the creation of nearly 9,000 ghost towns - or, near ghost towns. A professor at Kansas State University has been researching these lost Kansas communities and will give a presentation about her work this Thursday in Salina. Professor M.J. Morgan is a historian and research director at the Chapman Center for Rural Studies. KPR's J. Schafer spoke to her about her research... and what constitutes a "lost Kansas community."

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Professor M.J. Morgan is the research director of the Chapman Center for Rural Studies at Kansas State University. She was speaking with KPR's J. Schafer. Professor Morgan will be giving a free hour-long presentation Thursday at the Smoky Hills Museum in Salina. It begins at 5:30 p.m. Her presentation is made possible by the Kansas Humanities Council, which works to preserve the history and culture of Kansas. 




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K-State Professor Researches Lost KS Towns

A Kansas State University professor and her students have been researching lost Kansas towns and communities. Historian M.J. Morgan says there are nearly 9,000 ghost towns, or -- near ghost towns -- in the state.

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Trying to find out what happened to these communities is part of Morgan's work as research director at the Chapman Center for Rural Studies. Morgan will present some of her research into lost Kansas towns Thursday evening at the Smoky Hill Museum in Salina.

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