Radio Bob on NPR Music's 'Heavy Rotation'

Rayna-Gellert by-Jon-Estes

NPR asked KPR's Bob McWilliams to contribute to a recent post on 5 songs public radio can't stop playing; Bob's choice - Rayna Gellert.


(From NPR's Post) Rayna Gellert is best known as an old-time fiddler, notably with the band Uncle Earl, but there's nary a driving fiddle tune on her new album, Old Light: Songs From My Childhood & Other Gone Worlds. Gellert puts her vocals and songwriting front and center on a collection split evenly between traditional folk songs and originals. The album features guest vocal spots from Alice Gerrard, Scott Miller and Uncle Earl bandmate Abigail Washburn, but Gellert's own voice carries the day. There's a timeless quality to it that's perfectly suited to these songs: "Nothing" begins with "This is where I must begin, memory is full of sins" and ends with "Dust to dust, breath to wind, this is where I must begin." From beginning to end, it's an exquisite slice of Americana.

-Bob McWilliams, Kansas Public Radio

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& Download Rayna's Track - "Nothing"

Rayna Gellert - Old Light - out Oct. 2 from Rayna Gellert on Vimeo.

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