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Name that county! - July 18, 2014

Q: This Kansas county is named after a county in Kentucky, which in turn, was named after a French dynasty that helped the American side during the Revolutionary War. What’s the name of this southeast Kansas county?

HouseOfBourbon Louis14-Family WikimediaA posthumous painting commissioned around 1670 by Philippe de France. It shows the French Bourbon Family around that time. (Photo via Wikimedia)


A: Bourbon County


BourbonCountyKY Flickr_J.-Stephen-ConnBourbon County, Ky. (Flickr Photo by J. Stephen Conn)

Bourbon County, Kan., is named after Bourbon County, Ky., which was the birthplace of Colonel Samuel A. Williams, a member of the Kansas House of Representatives, from Fort Scott. Williams requested that the county be so named and, in 1855, it was. Bourbon County, Ky., was created in 1785 and was named in honor of the Bourbon dynasty of France (House of Bourbon) to commemorate French aid to colonials during the American Revolution. Viva la Bourbon!

BourbonCountyKSWeird factoid: Odd as it may sound…no bourbon whiskey is produced in either Bourbon County, Ky., or Bourbon County, Kan. What up with that?

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