KPR Board of Advisors


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Board of Advisors is to provide an opportunity for the active participation of KPR supporters who are committed to the continuing development and success of Kansas Public Radio at the University of Kansas. The experience, counsel and input of the Board of Advisors, individually and as a group, contribute to achieving the overall goals of the Station.


The Board of Advisors serves KPR through many activities, including:

•    Provides expert counsel and advice to assist continuing development of the Station;
•    Promotes the Station at every opportunity;
•    Serves as the Station’s eyes and ears in the business community and other external constituencies;
•    Brings to the Director’s attention matters of concern and/or opportunity for the Station;
•    Assists in securing additional resources to support the Station in pursuit of its mission;
•    Identifies and secures appropriate points of contact within the organizations they represent;
•    Helps provide leadership through direct financial support and long-term membership

KPR's Current Board of Advisors


* Tom Doyle
* Lisa Hallberg
* Dr. Brock Kretsinger
* Bill Kurtis
* Mike Matson
* Dr. Richard and Barbara             Meidinger
* Dr. Roy and Bev Menninger
* David Porterfield
* Vickie Randel
* Hank Booth



KPR's Advisory Board meets biannually in March and September at the KPR station office. All meetings are open to the public.


The next meeting is Sept. 18, 2014, at noon.


For more information, please contact Development Director, Sheri Hamilton, or call 785-864-5968.



Public Media Code of Integrity

KPR Financials

KPR Audited Financial Statements for FY13:

Direct Download: FY13.Financial.Statements.PDF

Please contact KPR Administration at 785-864-4530 or at 1120 W. 11th Street, Lawrence, Kansas, if you'd like to obtain a copy of its financial statements. A fee of 25 cents per page will apply.

Licensee Employee Compensation Information:

All KPR employees' compensation information can be found at

KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray Little: $462,650.00

KU Chief Financial Officer Theresa Gordzica: $140,000.00

KPR Local Content and Services Annual Report:

Direct download: FY13.KPR.SAS.pdf

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